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Uber launches Windows Phone 8 App, Facebook Q2 2014 Earnings, Qualcomm announces record FQ3 2014, Flesky Keyboard brings new tricks to Android, Google Map Apps now gives suggestions based on Weather, Google Maps rolling out 'Explore' Button

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Microsoft: $23.38 Billion in revenue Q4, Firefox 31 for Android, Google Play Store Update rolling out with new Material design, Amazon Fire Phone Review, Nadella talks about Windows vNext, one converged OS, The World's Fastest Color Printer

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Bamboo app for Windows 8.1, Binder App for Windows 8.1, New Windows 9 Start Menu Screenshots, Firefox 31 released, HTC Smartwatch leaked, LG introduces faster G3, Twitch for Android, The Nexus 9 isn't the only thing HTC is working on

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More Secure Gmail Authentication, Windows 8.1 update 2 said to arrive August 12, Windows OneCore, How to save webpage to PDF in Chrome, Samsung Galaxy S5 Review, Blackberry Names New COO, Verizon FIOS gets a speed boost

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The New Google Alerts UI, The top 15 Smartphones, NVIDIA SHIELD gaming tablet coming July 29, Dell now accepts Bitcoin, Sling Media Slingbox M1, Amazon unveils its first Fire Phone Ad, Windows Phone 8.1 Demo

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A gigantic 24-inch tablet, Google promises to fix Chrome draining bug on Windows, SocialRadar App for Windows 8.1, Cortana's 'Getting Started' video, Google Maps updated to v8.2 for bicyclists, Amazon Prime coming to Android, Facebook testing buy button

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Google test search card for live events, 20 Google Play Store Tricks, Chrome v36 for Android, Microsoft says strong passwords are overrated, Microsoft officially announces 18,000 jobs cuts, MIT's 3D Printing Ice Cream, Google launches 3D map of London

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Google adds former Ford CEO to its Board of Directors, Yahoo misses in Q2, ReddHub now available for Windows 8.1, Sling unveils two new Slingboxes, CNET user databases stolen, ShortPaste shortens URLs on Android, Google+ drops name requirement

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Contiunation of Today's Blog Post

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Windows 9 (Threshold) to include new taskbar & improved UI, Androld L's app design first look, Netflix stopped mailing DVDs on Saturday, 40% of smartphones will have flexible displays by 2019, MIcrosoft to lay off large amount of staff

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